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The project has received funding from the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme under Grant Agreement n° 271022.

Video lectures

NooJ Tutorials

0. What is NooJ? High, Low
1. Installing NooJ High, Low
2. Simple queries: regular expressions and concordances High, Low
3. Complex queries: statistical analysis High, Low
4. Graph editor: single-graph grammar High, Low
5. Graph editor: structured grammar High, Low
6. The contract and the debugger High, Low
7. The dictionary: lexical entries High, Low
8. Morphology High, Low
9. Compiling a dictionary High, Low
10. Importing texts, building corpora High, Low
11. Automatic annotation of texts High, Low
12. Importing and exporting XML High, Low



Solomon Seminar at Jozef Stefan Institute - March, 2013


Presentation of CESAR at IS-LT2012 in Ljubljana



Presentations on the META-FORUM 2011 hold in Budapest, Hungary (27/06/2011).

  • Marko Tadic (FFZG): “The CESAR Project – enabling LRT for 70M+ Speakers” video
  • Maciej Ogrodniczuk and Adam Przepiórkowski (IPIPAN): “Polish LRTs – CESAR's story”  video
  • Svetla Koeva (IBL): “Furthering LRT in Bulgaria” video
  • Tamás Váradi (RILHAS): “Hungarian Language Technology – From Platform to Alliance” video
  • Q/A - Discussion video



SlaviCorp2011, Dubrovnik, Croatia


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